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Payroll Changes For Second Quarter 2023

- Nevada Becomes First State to Enact Earned Wage Access Law - Arkansas Issue Revised Withholding Tables - North Dakota Issue Revised Withholding Tables - Florida Requires Certain Private Employers to Use E-Verify Beginning July 1 - Idaho Revises Withholding Tables, No Retroactive Withholding - Utah Revises Withholding Tables

Payroll Challenges And Best Practices As 2023 Moves Forward

As we close out the first quarter of 2023, the future of Payroll and HR has become the now of Payroll and HR. Many of the changes which started during the pandemic have been accelerated and have become permanent aspects of our working lives. Remote workers have expanded payroll compliance to multiple states for many companies for the first time. Finding efficiencies in an inflationary economy is paramount. And finally, security issues continue to be a primary concern.

What To Do If Your Employees Are Complaining About Their Tax Refund

The IRS made wholesale changes to the W-4 in 2020. The form was changed to allow more accurate withholdings due to the changes in the tax code related to the Tax Cut And Jobs Act passed in 2017. This legislation eliminated personal exemptions, increased the standard deduction, and made the child credit available to more people. Because employers and employees were not required to fill out new W-4s and the perceived complexity of the new process, most employees did not complete a new W-4. This…