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Payroll Challenges And Best Practices As 2023 Moves Forward

As we close out the first quarter of 2023, the future of Payroll and HR has become the now of Payroll and HR. Many of the changes which started during the pandemic have been accelerated and have become permanent aspects of our working lives. Remote workers have expanded payroll compliance to multiple states for many companies for the first time. Finding efficiencies in an inflationary economy is paramount. And finally, security issues continue to be a primary concern.

What You Need To Know About Paying Employees Using Cryptocurrency

Employers interested in offering wage payments in cryptocurrency should be aware of and comply with applicable withholding, wage and hour, and wage payment requirements at the Federal and State levels. Although employers can not currently pay employee’s base salaries, hourly pay, and overtime pay in the U.S. they may offer bonuses or incentive payments in cryptocurrency. Additionally, employers can use a third-party cryptocurrency payment processing company (e.g., Bitpay) or conversion service r…

What Is The Best Way To File Payroll Tax Reports and Payments

When Is Free Not Free when it comes to Payroll Reporting. Find what employers are required to file and how to get free payroll reporting software. One of the most onerous obligations of employers is complying with a myriad of payroll reports and payments required by Fed, State, and Local taxing authorities.