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Below you will find some of the testimonials* from customers that use the Aatrix eFiling Service with their Payroll / Accounting Softwares.

*Surveys conducted on March of current year for filings of previous year

Filing my W2's was easy and quick. The convenience was so worth it! I only wish I had found you guys sooner.
– Heritage Gardens Receptions, Inc.
We are very satisfied with the service provided. It made the process less daunting. Glad to have it and plan to continue to use it.
– Catawba Care
I use Sage 50 Software at both my jobs and had found using Aatrix to file my W-2's was fast and eliminated the headaches from past years doing them manually. Thanks so much!!!
– BDM Sewer Commission
I love this option for year-end reporting. After the W-2's are completed, I do not have to remember to mail in the federal and state copies. Everyone should use this feature!
– Gigi Rimer Draper
I think this service is great. I've used it for several years now and I just love it!
– Independent Environments, Inc.
Using this system to file my reports was a huge help this year. I did not have any forms available so using this online system got the job done. It was easy to use and reasonable in cost.
– Guilford Company
I was glad you were recommended to us. Great addition to our small company.
– TNC Industries, Inc.
Great service for a great price! Greatly simplifies my end of year tax filings. Thank you.
– Nature Neutral, LLC
Aatrix is painless, even for us baby-boomers who have not fully embraced I.T. change.
– Bridge Refugee Services, Inc.
eFile is such a great improvement from 3 years ago when we used to file paper returns and W-2 forms. eFile is seamless when used with Sage accounting products.
– Seniors Hospitality Center
I didn't have to pay my accountant to come on site to file my year end and print all my w2's. my accountant charges over 250.00 an hour. What I paid Aatrix was well worth!
– GSC Lighting & Supply
Aatrix takes the hassle out of your quarterly and yearly payroll tax forms, plus they are more affordable than processing/printing/mailing the forms out yourself!
– Golden Sands Speedway LLC & Bassuener Trucking & Excavating LLC
Now, I'm not so worried about year-end 2015 and maybe even looking forward to processing those W-2s.
– Mark One Electric Co. Inc.
The process is super easy to use, and make changes. It's a great tool!
– Partners In Care
I have been extremely pleased with the ease & quickness of getting our Payroll Taxes 941, W-2, 1099's done! I wouldn't use another program 🙂
– Tiger Electric, Inc.
Wish I would have used Aatrix e-filing sooner!
– Daanen & Janssen, Inc.
Was my first time using the service and they made it super easy to navigate. Very pleased.
– Chamberlin Distributing
Easiest filing I've encountered.
– Colorado Designscapes
I cannot imagine an easier way to file taxes or handle 1099's and W-2's!
– Precision Franchising, Inc.
We only have a small number of 1099's but I would never go back to paper filing after using this service!
– Professional Economics Bureau of America, Inc
Super easy to follow, frees up a lot of time at year end.
– Regal Auto Wash
We have used Aatrix for over 3 years now and we are very happy. It has saved us incredible amounts of time. Processing quarter end used to be a 2 or 3 day ordeal that now takes half a day because of the ease of filing with Aatrix E-filing system.
– ONSITE Woodwork Corporation
Whoever thought of Aatrix and the solutions it provides is a genius. It takes the guess work out of the payroll. I also want to add that I absolutely loved the Affordable Care Act portion that was added. The way that Aatrix handles errors or something that might have been entered wrong is so helpful. Great job to everyone who has worked or created this product!
– Lloyds Construction Services
This has really helped take a lot of the stress that is involved with W2/1099 processing of my shoulders. I have used this service for 2 years and almost feel as if I forget something because of the time is saves me.
– Wilkinson County Board of Commissioners
Aatrix has been the easiest & most informative software I have ever used in the 29 yrs. I've been involved with processing payroll & end of the year!
– Tiger Electric, Inc.
I was strongly against a third party doing our employee tax forms but once I got used to the change, I wouldn't want it any other way! It's much easier than the old way!
– Se-Kan Asphalt Services, Inc.
Loved using this product for W-2's and 1099's. Simplified the process immensely.
– Marrone Construction
LOVE this service!!!
– Towe Iron Works, Inc.
We have recommended you to companies and speak well of how easy and affordable Aatrix makes year-end procedures. Quarterlies are very easy to do with Aatrix as well - little time and effort!
– S. Robideau Construction
The Aatrix services are great, easy to use, and I love that I do not have to remember to order forms ahead of time, or fight with making them line up on the printer! For a small fee, they print and mail all the recipient forms and efile the government forms. The fees are reasonable, and given the savings on purchasing forms and for postage, not to mention the time it saves, it more than pays for itself.
– Houchin Construction
Aatrix has saved me time over and over again. It is easy, fast and always correct. E-filing is 'da bomb! Thank you!
– Greg McGar Construction
All quarterly and yearly filing were easy this year. Also taking advantage of our employees receiving electronic copies instead of paper.
– Venegas Engineering Management & Construction, Inc.
It's awesome!!!
– W. B. McCloud Co., Inc.
I would never pay another company to process my payroll. Aatrix makes the process seamless and easy.
– Copper State Communications
This was the easiest year-end processing I have had in 25 years. Thanks.
– Frank Rewold and Son, Inc.
Great all the way around - takes the worry out of payroll taxes!
– Grand Traverse Construction
I love Aatrix, it makes filing W-2's, federal and state reports so easy. We are a multi-state employer and it helps remind me of forms I do need to file! Love it!
– Kyle William E. Walter Inc.
Very pleased with Aatrix. It has saved our company time and money processing our W-2's and Quarterly Taxes. As federal and state governments are moving to e-file only, Aatrix is the simple solution for our company to comply.
– Holdsworth Klimowski Construction, LLC.
The ACA forms were pretty easy to do thru Aatrix, considering most of us were lost and didn't feel we had a lot of guidance from the IRS.
– Walton & Company
I have used Aatrix for several years and am very satisfied with it. It helps me to know when my reports are filed and it is simple to following instructions.
– J W Enochs, Inc.
Aatrix was amazingly easy to use and integrated seamlessly with our AP module. I was impressed by the ease at which I was able to file combined 1099's from multiple data sources. In addition, I needed to file an amended 1099 and was pleasantly surprised at how simple the process was. I would highly recommend this service to anybody who files 1099s.
– Cardel Master Builder
This was very easy to use for the 1099's. I wish I would've tried this earlier because it was such a time saver and worth the small cost. We will definitely be using this product in the future!
– Tokola Properties, Inc.
I was skeptical before I started using the program because there were unknowns but it is very useful and a big time saver at the end of the year!
– Hansen Company
Used to dread year end with W-2's and 1099's - now I truly look forward to year end and being able to get these done in a timely manner!
– Pacesetter Homes, Inc
Customer Service in the e-file center are awesome to work with. They are very knowledgeable and always solve any issues or questions that I have. Tova has always been a great help, she is a A+ in my book.
– EH Marchant Co., Inc.
I love having this service. I used to dread year-end and doing all the W-2s, but this makes it so easy! Thank you!!!
– Middlefield Oaks Assisted Living / Premier RV Resorts
Using the service saves me time as I do not need to buy forms, print them, envelopes, and postage. It works well and I win.
– Lawrence Contract Furnishers
Aatrix eFile has been an asset to me. It really saves me a lot of time. I love it! Also, it works with my accounting system, BusinessWorks.
– Dutton Press, Inc.
Very easy to use - convenient to send electronically also!
– Kate Young, Financial Administrator - Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
Easy to use, easy to understand, ideal for a small business like ours!
– Specialty Cigars
E-filing with Aatrix is awesome!
– Jim Piontek Trucking, Inc.
I love ease of use of the Aatrix system.
– RL Craft Co., Inc.
The spreadsheet format made it easy for me to review, reconcile and edit the information before processing the W-2's
– Thunderbird Products
We are a small business and it makes End of Year Processing a pleasure. So easy and affordable.
– Dreamers Unlimited Inc., Roybal & Sons Fire Equipment
Aatrix is very easy to use and takes the pressure out of eFiling and using the correct forms. I remember when the social security number was moved a few years ago on the W2. It didn't matter that I didn't know before filing because Aatrix already had the correct form in the correct format!
– Frank's Piggly Wiggly
Very easy to use and the cost is very reasonable. Great option to have a nearly hands off way to submit W2/W3.
– Century Care Management
1094/1095 was also very easy to use. Thank You!
– Rodgers Consulting Inc.
I love this program and the options they have to e-file!!!
– Gehring Construction & Ready Mix Co. Inc.
Remarkably efficient and easy to use. I commend your company for the ease of use for a first time e-filer.
– Karen Brown Palo Alto Orchard, LLC
We are thankful to be able to do everything online and we appreciate the help the technicians offer when we have a question. Great company - great service!
– Holland Hospitality, Inc.
Worked good. Saved alot of time. Everything was great - will use again. Thank you.
– Martinez Livestock
I have been using the Aatrix System for 7 years now and I have been very content. Thank you!
– Saturn Machine, Inc.
This is my second year using Aatrix and I will never go back to the other program I was using - very expensive, difficult to understand and I never know if I was getting the correct software because their customer service representatives did not know which products they send me each year because of annual upgrades. Thanks Aatrix! You guys are AWESOME!
– Northwest Minnesota Foundation
This was very helpful to me this year. It is the first time I filed it all electronically using our payroll system. In the past, I always did it manually!
– Gorham Telephone Company
I have been using Aatrix for the last several years and it just makes end of the year much easier.
– Wenrich Painting, Inc.
The process works great and makes year-end processing easier! Love this service! Thank you!
– Primus Construction Inc.
I like knowing that I can call for assistance and not be on hold for 10 minutes. Keep up the great customer service!!!
– Alpena Senior Citizens Center
It is VERY user-friendly, I can't say enough about how easy it is. Using Aatrix eFile gave me the reassurance I was looking for.
– Minnesota Corrugated Box, Inc.
It was great. I didn't have to line up forms and it used to take hours. Now, it was so fast that I won't regret the end of the year anymore.
– Home Health Foundation
Very helpful, saves time, affordable and accurate.
– Catholic Social Services
This is a great product. I was able to get through it without calling your support staff. Just follow the instructions, and don't overthink it. Yes, I will use this again, and again, and recommend it to my colleagues.
– Autism Speaks, Inc.
Yes, very happy with the service - would recommend.
– Conservation Law Foundation
We started using your service in 2014. I wish we had started years ago because it is so convenient.
– Statesboro Regional Public Libraries
I started out with another program for ACA reporting that was paid for by our insurance agent. I cannot tell you how horrible it was. Finally, after wasting many hours, I "fired" them and told my broker that I was switching to Aatrix. It was sooooooo easy. I did have a couple of questions but that was answered by your support team. I would definitely recommend Aatrix.
– Brookstone School
Too Easy.
– Ashboro Housing Authority
– Diana's Mexican Food Prod., Inc.
Love it!!! First experience with e-filing. So pleased with every aspect. Great product!
– Eagle Aviation, Inc.
I love the ease of printing the W2 forms using Aatrix! I have been using the Aatrix program for several years and I am very pleased with what it will do for me.
– Raintree Village
This is a great service and stunningly inexpensive. It saves me several hours of printing, collating and fussing with forms and costs almost nothing. I had to make a couple of corrections last year and the process was painless. Thank you!
– Westfield Farm
This system works great and help busy Business Owners manage their business and not have to worry about payroll reporting requirements.
– Pro-form Plastics, Inc.
Affordable and user-friendly. Easy to access documents after filing. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to simplify their filing process!
– City of Melissa
This service allows me to deliver 1099's and W-2's long before the due date. Amazing!
– Tri-County Senior Nutrition Project Inc. - DBA Meals on Wheels of Texoma
Using Aatrix is a definite plus for me. It's easy to use and the customer service is great. Couldn't ask for anything better.
– Coosa Valley Youth Services, Inc.
This program / software is very easy to use and the step-by-step process is easy to follow.
– Tri-County Health Department
Reconciliation is easy. It saves time. No headaches of ordering forms, printing, mailing. Aatrix is always on time, mailing on or before the scheduled date. We have been extremely happy with the Aatrix product and service. Please try it once, and you will never go back to manual processing. Thank you, Aatrix.
– Belwether Housing
Aatrix is such a wonderful company to use to help simplify the tax payments, quarterly reporting & definitely the end of year reporting. Easy to use, & wonderful support when the need arises.
– Mendocino Community Health Clinic, Inc.
I find AATRIX Very easy and understandable instruction on how to use it, I strongly recommend to anyone out there who need something affordable and easy to use.
– Star, Inc. - Lighting The Way...
I was apprehensive starting to file the W2's and 1099's but the system was so comprehensive and easy to understand and run that it was wonderfully uncomplicated and easy to complete.
– Downtown Emergency Service Center
Aatrix processing and e-file for 1099's is a huge value to our non profit. We saved several hundred dollars in staff time!
– Housing Solutions for the Southwest
Thanks for making it easy to process tax forms. 🙂
– Ohio Precious Metals, LLC
Already have recommended it!
– Graphic Systems, Inc.
Very satisfied with the service.
– Power Transportation, Inc.
Your technical support people are incredibly helpful. I am a very satisfied customer.
– Copper State Communications, Inc.