Partnering With Aatrix eFile

Payroll developers love being in the payroll business but rarely will you hear one say they love staying compliant with federal & state reporting & payment changes.

Development resources are scarce, and the complexity of payroll reporting grows with each year.

Aatrix is unique in that our main business is providing Payroll Reporting & Payments through our partner integrations. It’s important because it allows our partners to work with an independent provider not associated with a payroll service provider, which in many cases, is a competitor in the marketplace. 

Our partnerships include over 60 of the most successful accounting & payroll solutions on the market. Businesses continue to use Aatrix year after year because it makes reporting simple, efficient and trust their filings will be correct and filed on time.

The IRS estimates that 40 percent of small to medium-sized businesses in the United States end up paying a payroll penalty each year for failing to deposit withholdings, depositing the wrong amount of withholdings, or for incorrect filing. In the last year, the average payroll penalty paid was $845. 

Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs

Simple And Secure

Why your customers require a secure, simplified payroll reporting solution.

Development Costs

Virtually eliminate development costs associated with providing a comprehensive payroll tax solution.

New Revenue

Turn a revenue leak into a robust new revenue source.

Branded Solution

Fully-branded, seamless integrated solution.

40 Hour Integration

Complete integration in less than 40 hours of development.

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