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AATRIX WeFile: The BEST way to eFile your 1095 (ACA) forms.

The Aatrix 1095 (ACA) eFiling Service* works with virtually any Payroll Software. Download the Aatrix ACA WeFile Preparer for Desktop or use the Aatrix ACA WeFile Web Preparer.

Simply download and complete the ACA Spreadsheet template below using information exported from your Payroll Software to load your Employee Data, eFile your Federal and State copies. Your employee copies will be mailed directly to them as well as have them posted to a secure website.

ACA (1095) eFiling Service

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ACA (1095) eFiling Service

ACA eFile Pricing

COMPLETE ACA eFile Service

  • Employee 1095-C/Bs Mailed
  • Employee 1095-C/Bs Hosted Online
  • Federal 1095-C/Bs & 1094-C/B Filed to IRS
  • State 1095-Cs *if applicable


per employee

**1095-C Filed with W-2 COMPLETE eFile Service**

Save 50% if you file the W-2 COMPLETE Service first, and then file the ACA COMPLETE Service.


per employee

Online ACA eFile Service

  • Employee 1095-C/Bs Hosted Online
  • Federal 1095-C/Bs & 1094-C/B Filed to IRS


per employee

Federal ACA eFile Service

  • Federal 1095-C/Bs & 1094-C/B Filed to IRS


per employee

$24.95 minimum applies to all ACA filings.

$14.95 minimum applies to all correction filings submitted after the Federal 1095s have been processed.

* Prices may vary per product

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Product Help

How Do I Know If I Need To Report

Below you will find some tools to help you discern if your company needs to comply with ACA reporting.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Chart

Use the chart and/or calculator to quickly determine which forms you need to file.

For Specific IRS Instructions for Forms 1095-B/C and 1094-B/C, click on the buttons below.

What information is reported?

Employers (your customers) need to be tracking all of the data they will need to report in January on a monthly basis, at an employee level. This includes:

  • Total employee count & Full time employee count
  • Employee ID, name, and address
  • Health coverage offered
  • Employee share of the monthly premium (for lowest-cost self-only minimum coverage)
  • Months the employee was enrolled in employer coverage
  • Affordability safe harbor information
  • If self-insured, information about covered individuals in plan


Affordable Care Act (ACA) Full-Time Employee Calculator

We have provided a monthly calculator for you.
To aid in determining if your company is required to report under the
Affordable Care Act (ACA), the following information is required.

***This is not intended as tax advice and you should consult your accountant or HR Specialist to confirm these results.***

What type of health coverage is sponsored by your company?


Are you part of an Aggregated Group?



Previous year's average monthly employee count
Previous year's average monthly total hours worked by part-time employees
Total Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
For more information: Read about Seasonal Workers »
Forms Required