Month: March 2022

Important State and Federal Withholding, Dependent Care, HSA, And Other Changes For 2022

While We Don’t Know All The Changes That We’ll See To Payroll in 2022 - Here Is What We Know So Far! Changes already released this year include: State Unemployment Wage Bases; Social Security Wage Base; Medicare Tax; Dependent Care Limits; Limits To Health Savings Accounts & Health Flexible Spending Accounts; IRA and 401K Contribution Limits; Updated Federal Standard Mileage Rate.

What You Need To Know About Paying Employees Using Cryptocurrency

Employers interested in offering wage payments in cryptocurrency should be aware of and comply with applicable withholding, wage and hour, and wage payment requirements at the Federal and State levels. Although employers can not currently pay employee’s base salaries, hourly pay, and overtime pay in the U.S. they may offer bonuses or incentive payments in cryptocurrency. Additionally, employers can use a third-party cryptocurrency payment processing company (e.g., Bitpay) or conversion service r…