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Looking For A Recruiting Edge? Maybe Your Payroll Needs A Makeover.

The labor shortage in the US continues to be a significant challenge for most businesses as we recover from the pandemic and settle into the new reality. The Chamber of Commerce recently released a report that stated that 90% of businesses say it's difficult or very difficult to find workers right now. As of the October jobs report, job openings reached a high of 10.44 million. Nation-wide restaurant and retail traffic is up 52% since January, and many businesses are reducing hours because o…

5 Ways To Address The Labor Shortage Through Efficiencies

Virtually every business is experiencing difficulties in recruiting qualified candidates and retaining quality employees. Instead of spending an outrageous amount of money recruiting a depleted workforce, spending time to improve efficiencies and the work environment can go a long way towards better retention and recruitment success.

Millennials In The Workplace: 14 Ways To Attract and Keep Them

Millennials currently account for more than a third of all American workforce participants. They are the largest generation in the US labor force. It is critical that employers strive to make their workplaces conducive to these early to mid-level career professionals. This generation will continue to consume much of the job market in the coming years. This group is large and highly diverse. It is important that employers avoid making assumptions about candidates and employees based only on th…