2021 Year-End Payroll Reporting Deadline Dates

Aatrix W-2/1099 Year-End eFile Deadlines

Year-end is here, and to guarantee timely filing and avoid fines and penalties associated with late filings, it is critical to know the deadline for each year-end report you are required to file.

The following deadlines are the dates Aatrix must receive your files to guarantee on-time filing to each State or Federal agency involved.

General Payroll Reports Due Dates

W-2 Federal Date: Jan 28th, 3:00 PM CST
W-2/1099 Employee/Recipient Copy Date:Jan 28th, 3:00 PM CST
1099-S Recipient Copy Date:Feb 11th, 3:00 PM CST
1099-NEC Recipient Copy Date: Jan 28th, 3:00 PM CST
All Other 1099s Federal Date:Mar 28th, 3:00 PM CST
1095 Employee Copy Date:TBD
1095C & 1095B (ACA) Federal Date:TBD
T4 Employee Copy Date:Feb 25th, 3:00 PM CST
T4 Fed Only Date:Feb 25th, 3:00 PM CST
T5018 (Calendar filers)Jun 28th, 3:00 PM CST

State W-2/1099 Due Dates

State W-2 Deadlines1099 MISC, INT, R, PATR, and DIV Deadlines
Alabama Jan 27Jan 27 
Alaska N/AN/A
Arizona Jan 27Jan 27
Arkansas Jan 27Jan 27
California N/AN/A
Colorado Jan 27Jan 27
Connecticut Jan 28Jan 28
Delaware Jan 28Jan 28
District of Columbia Jan 28Jan 28
Florida N/AN/A
Georgia Jan 28Jan 28
Hawaii Jan 27Jan 27
Idaho Jan 28Feb 25
Illinois Jan 28N/A
Indiana Jan 28Jan 28
Iowa Feb 14Feb 14
Kansas Jan 28Jan 28
Kentucky Jan 28Jan 28
Louisiana Jan 28Jan 28
Maine Jan 28Jan 28
Maryland Jan 28Jan 28
Massachusetts Jan 28Mar 31
Michigan Jan 28Jan 28
Minnesota Jan 28Jan 28
Mississippi Jan 28Jan 28
Missouri Jan 28Jan 28
Montana Jan 28Jan 28
Nebraska Jan 28Jan 28
Nevada N/AN/A
New Hampshire N/AN/A
New Jersey Feb 11Feb 11
New Mexico Jan 28Jan 28
New York N/AN/A
North Carolina Jan 28Jan 28
North Dakota Jan 28Jan 28
Ohio Feb 25Feb 25
Oklahoma Jan 28Jan 28
Oregon Jan 28Jan 28
Pennsylvania Jan 28Jan 28
Rhode Island Jan 28Jan 28
South Carolina Jan 28Jan 28
South Dakota N/AN/A
Tennessee N/AN/A
Texas N/AN/A
Utah Jan 28Jan 28
Vermont Jan 28Jan 28
Virginia Jan 28Jan 28
Virginia Jan 28Jan 28
Washington N/AN/A
West Virginia Jan 28Jan 28
Wisconsin Jan 28Jan 28
Wyoming N/AN/A

State 1099 NEC Due Dates

State1099 NEC Deadline
Alabama Jan 27
Alaska N/A
Arizona Jan 27
Arkansas Jan 27
California N/A
Colorado Jan 27
Connecticut Jan 27
Delaware Jan 27
District of Columbia Jan 27
Florida N/A
Georgia Jan 27
Hawaii Jan 27
Idaho Jan 27
Illinois N/A
Indiana Jan 27
Iowa Feb 11
Kansas Jan 27
Kentucky Jan 27
Louisiana Jan 27
Maine Jan 27
Maryland Jan 27
Massachusetts Jan 27
Michigan Jan 27
Minnesota Jan 27
Mississippi Jan 27
Missouri Jan 27
Montana Jan 27
Nebraska Jan 27
Nevada N/A
New Hampshire N/A
New Jersey Feb 11
New Mexico Jan 27
New York N/A
North Carolina Jan 27
North Dakota Jan 27
Ohio Feb 25
Oklahoma Jan 27
Oregon Jan 27
Pennsylvania Jan 27
Rhode Island Jan 27
South Carolina Jan 27
South Dakota N/A
Tennessee N/A
Texas N/A
Utah Jan 27
Vermont Jan 27
Virginia Jan 27
Virginia Jan 27
Washington N/A
West Virginia Jan 27
Wisconsin Jan 27
Wyoming N/A

State ACA Due Dates

California Feb 25
District of Columbia Feb 25
Massachusetts (1099-HC) Jan 27
New Jersey Feb 25
Rhode Island Feb 25
Vermont Feb 25

Deadline Updates

Aatrix tracks agency deadlines daily, and you can routinely check for any updates at aatrix.com.