Simplify Your 1099 Filing 

Simplify Your 1099 Filing

Aug 05, 2020

What to look for when choosing a complete 1099 Filing solution.

Simplify your 1099 filing.


Simplify Your 1099 Filing

The most difficult part of filing 1099s is that year-end reporting is typically rushed trying to squeeze in the filing of these critical reports with everything else that needs to be done at this busy time of year.  


The frustration is compounded by the expense of purchasing forms, envelopes, postage, and in many cases hiring temporary employees to assist with stuffing and delivering employee forms.  Once completed there is the potential headache of filing corrections due to errors that go undetected or when last second changes occur.


Before You Outsource Your 1099 Reporting

Many businesses have made the decision to eliminate year-end disruption and frustration by outsourcing the entire process. Unfortunately doing so is painfully expensive and still involves a significant amount of effort preparing files, reviewing the outsourced work, and it can make corrections or simple reprints a nightmare.


There are solutions available that keep the filing process in-house but provide a comprehensive DIY process that eliminates the frustration, expense, and risk associated with year-end reports.


Choosing a solution is critical and the right solution should include the following.


1099 Reporting Simplicity

  • The interface must be very simple. Choose any 1099 form from one screen, and provide intuitive, clear, easy-to-follow steps to complete the filing saving processing time and effort.
  • One administrative account to track all confirmations, filings, and documents sent to recipients simplifying access.



  • eFiling is completed within the payroll solution without additional exports, typing, and logging into multiple sites.
  • Reports are filled in automatically with no need for manually transcribing.
  • Reports are time-stamped and saved on you machine and accessible as needed for review or audit.
  • Provide a single admin site for all filing histories, access, and confirmations.


Accurate and Comprehensive

  • Reports are completed using the data within the payroll solution you use.

  • The solution must guarantee compliance with all legislation, eFile requirements, and form changes.

  • It must include the ability to easily reprint or deliver electronically 1099s as needed.

  • It must provide the ability to produce corrected filings.



  • The solution should be have a simple fee structure which covers all your filing requirements so there are no surprises after you have prepared the filing. A COMPLETE 1099 solution must include the ability to file all state and federal filings including all reconciliation reports, as well as any local jurisdictions that apply to your business.
  • It should offer a 1099 eFiling service which allows you to complete all filings as well as recipient distribution for less than $4 per employee (the average in-house cost).


There are many solutions out there and the best measure of the one to choose is made evident from survey results, how long has the solution has existed, and how many year-end documents do they file annually.  It is best to use a solution that is integrated in your host payroll software as long as it meets all of the items listed above.  It will be the most compatible with your payroll data and is designed to work with your host software eliminating potential many unanticipated errors.



Aatrix checks all the boxes when it comes to 1099 filing. Aatrix has been filing 1099s for over 20 years, processes millions of 1099s annually, is integrated into over 60 AP applications, and in a 2020 survey of thousands of customers had a 97% recommend rate. See why over 300,000 businesses use Aatrix for payroll tax reporting. 


Our Customers Say It Best

“Aatrix processing and e-file for 1099's is a huge value to our non-profit. We saved several hundred dollars in staff time!”

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