Aatrix Web-Deployed Payroll Reporting and Payments Solution Gaining Market Share

Apr 10, 2020

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Aatrix offers a complete Payroll Tax Reporting and Payment solution for web deployed payroll solution providers.

Aatrix continues to add partners with the implementation of its web-deployed solution. Aatrix’s Fed/State Payroll Reports and Payments has been available for web deployed Payroll software and has completed it’s initial integrations with more scheduled for release in 2020 .  The 1800 form pages are filled in automatically from payroll data, displayed for the user to review and edit, then e-fIled to Aatrix's Single Point eFile Center. The Aatrix solution supports Withholding, Unemployment, New Hire, Paid Family Medical Leave, EEO-1 and Payment Coupons for all 50 states. The interactive forms can be displayed, complete with data, on tablets, laptops, and desktop computers running the latest version of supported browsers. 

The comprehensive Aatrix State & Fed Payroll Reports and Payments™ solution has been available for integration for more than 20 years. The Aatrix offering allows any web deployed payroll solution to expand the forms they support for their customers and initiate a new revenue stream created by the shared revenue from eFiling.

“With our origins as a payroll software provider, I have a special understanding of how difficult it is for software providers to offer all of the required forms, and the expense of maintaining any of these business critical functions.” says Aatrix CEO, Steve Lunseth. “ This solution eliminates all of those efforts while adding a new revenue stream.”

The short time-to-market time makes this solution available to companies for the 2020 year end filing. The integration process is well documented, amazingly simple and takes very few programming hours.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses using Aatrix State & Fed Payroll Reports™ in the US and Canada and this new offering will certainly continue to grow that number. Aatrix revenue has produced double digit growth each year for the past 20 years and projections anticipate that revenues will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

The Aatrix solution is supported by its reaffirmed Patents, Aatrix is the only Electronic Forms Company allowed to use the unique patented process US Patent numbers 7,171,615 and 8,984,393 to create forms, display them on screen filled with data from an intermediate source, editable by the user.  This patented process was one of only two software patents recently reaffirmed by the US Circuit Court of Appeals.



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