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Posting of Payroll to Quickbooks For Mac

Learn how to post payroll to Quickbooks for Mac.

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In Pay Employees, after the payroll checks have been created and printed, the next step is where you can post your payroll to Quickbooks.

You are also given the opportunity to process and post your Liability Checks during the Pay Employees process.

If you accidentally skipped the step, or have processed a liability payment in Manage Liabilities you can also post your payroll with the following steps:

    • First, make sure that your Quickbooks program is open to the company.
    • In your payroll program, from the main "Payroll Navigator"screen click on "Quickbooks Links" in the bottom right.
    • Select if you are posting "Payroll" or "Liability" checks.
    • Verify that the Date Recorded reflects the date on the paycheck or liability check.
    • Click the "Send" button to post the payroll to Quickbooks.

Learn how to post payroll to Quickbooks.

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