Aatrix Software and TimeSuite Join Forces to Revolutionize Payroll and Construction Management

Grand Forks, ND: April 15, 2024  – Aatrix Software, a leading provider of payroll tax forms and reporting solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with TimeSuite, a cutting-edge provider of construction management software. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the realm of a comprehensive management system for the construction industry and payroll management, promising innovative solutions to streamline processes and enhance efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

The partnership between Aatrix Software and TimeSuite brings together two industry pioneers, each renowned for their commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to businesses’ evolving needs. By integrating Aatrix’s comprehensive payroll tax solutions with TimeSuite’s intuitive construction management and accounting platform, clients can enjoy a seamless experience, from estimating and project management to payroll processing and tax compliance.

TimeSuite’s CEO, Eric Malouff, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At TimeSuite, we are committed to delivering a cutting-edge construction management solution that empowers businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. By integrating Aatrix’s robust payroll tax capabilities into our platform, we further enhance the value we provide to our clients, enabling them to streamline processes and focus on strategic initiatives.

Key benefits of the Aatrix Software and TimeSuite partnership include:

  • Seamless integration of payroll tax forms and reporting within the TimeSuite platform.
  • Enhanced accuracy and compliance with automated tax calculations and reporting.
  • Simplified payroll processes, reducing administrative burdens for payroll professionals.
  • Access to comprehensive support and resources from two industry-leading providers.

The partnership between Aatrix Software and TimeSuite represents a significant advancement in construction and payroll management, offering businesses a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and drive success.

For more information about Aatrix Software and TimeSuite’s integrated solutions, visit https://www.aatrix.com and https://timesuite.com.

About Aatrix Software:

Aatrix Software is a leading provider of payroll tax forms and payroll reporting solutions. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Aatrix is dedicated to simplifying payroll and tax processes for businesses of all sizes. 

To view a list of our partners, go to https://partner.aatrix.com/.

About TimeSuite:

TimeSuite is a leading provider of construction management and accounting software. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, TimeSuite empowers businesses with an intuitive ERP solution designed to streamline processes and drive success.