Thank You For Your Participation: Preliminary Results of Aatrix’s Annual Customer Survey

Annual eFile Customer Survey

Following another successful year-end filing season during which the Aatrix eFile Center processed millions of W-2s, 1099s, and 1095 (ACA) forms, Aatrix conducted its annual eFile customer survey. Customers were sent a short survey to help Aatrix evaluate their performance and our customers’ satisfaction. This was the 15th annual survey, and once again, the results demonstrated that our customers are very satisfied with the performance of our eFiling solution.

Early Results Regarding Customer Satisfaction

The first set of questions are designed to determine the overall satisfaction of our customers with the eFiling process.

Aatrix is integrated into over 60 of the leading payroll and accounting solutions in the US.

Aatrix eFile Service Works Well With My Payroll/Accounting Software

Just over 95% of respondents agreed that the Aatrix eFile service worked well with their payroll solution.

Aatrix continues to be among the lowest-cost complete W-2/1099/1095 eFile services in America.

Aatrix eFile Prices Are Affordable

94% of respondents agreed that the eFile service fees are affordable.

One of the most compelling indicators of customer satisfaction is whether customers are willing to recommend the service to fellow employers. In the 15 years we have conducted this survey, our recommendation rate has never been lower than 93%.

How Likely Are You To Recommend Aatrix To A Friend Or Colleague?

96% of respondents said they would recommend the Aatrix eFile Service to others.

Early Results Regarding W-2, 1099, And 1095 Solution Performance

One of the key features of the Aatrix solution is that it is easy to understand and simple to use. We asked the same question for our primary year-end products to ascertain if our customers agree that the Aatrix eFile Solution is easy to understand.

98% of respondents agreed that “The W-2 process was easy to understand”.

98% of respondents agreed that “The 1099 process was easy to understand”.

96% of respondents agreed that “The 1095 (ACA) process was easy to understand”.

Additional results will be available when the survey is closed. Thank you to all who have responded to our survey. Your opinion matters to us and allows us to continually improve our products every year.

You still have time to qualify for the gift card giveaway. Just respond to the email that was sent on April 13th or click here to take this short survey by Friday, May 5th.