Aatrix Partners With Computer Helper Publishing

Aatrix continues to add partners with the announcement of an agreement with Computer Helper Publishing to integrate Aatrix’s Federal and State Payroll Reports™ and Payments into their Church Windows Payroll solution.

The comprehensive Aatrix State & Federal Payroll Reports and Payments™ solution has been available for integration for more than 20 years and is currently integrated into more than 60 popular payroll solutions, serving over 300,000 customers in the US and Canada. The Aatrix offering allows Church Windows to expand the payroll forms and payments they support and initiate a new revenue stream created by the shared revenue from eFiling.

“The Aatrix solution eliminates nearly all recurring development costs associated with providing a comprehensive payroll tax reports and payments feature. In addition, it adds a reliable new revenue stream,” says Aatrix CEO Steve Lunseth. “The Aatrix solution dramatically improves customer satisfaction and product loyalty by making Payroll tax reporting simple and affordable.”

The Aatrix solution supports Wage Withholding, Unemployment, New Hire, Paid Family Medical Leave, EEO-1, Payment Coupons, and more for all 50 states. The 1800+ form pages are filled in automatically from payroll data, displayed for the user to review and edit, then eFiled to Aatrix’s Single Point eFile Center.

The short time-to-market implementation means integrations can still be completed for 2022 year-end filing. The integration process is well documented, amazingly simple, and takes very few programming hours.

300,000 businesses are using Aatrix State & Federal Payroll Reports™ in the US and Canada, and this new offering will continue to grow.

Aatrix was founded in 1986. The electronic forms development group was established in 1998, and it soon exploded into one of the nation’s most popular payroll reporting and eFile solutions. Aatrix has partnered with more than 70 of the nation’s most respected payroll solution providers. Over 300,000 businesses use Aatrix to file their payroll reports and payments.

To view, a list of our partners go to aatrix.com/partners.

Computer Helper Publishing offers software solutions to churches of all sizes and denominations through people and products.

Their dedication is to their customers through Church Windows Desktop and Church Windows Web.

Year after year, Church Windows provides ever-increasing features, incredible value, and outstanding Support.