Aatrix Software Named “Company Of The Year” By CFO Tech Magazine

Aatrix’s comprehensive approach to OEM payroll tax reports and payments

Aatrix was named Company Of The Year in the most recent publication of CFO Tech Magazine. The award features Aatrix’s comprehensive approach to OEM payroll tax reports and payments which has been integrated into over 60 of the most popular payroll solutions in the US. Aatrix provides automated unemployment, new hire, unemployment reports and payments deliverable to over 200 State and Federal agencies via their single-point eFile center.

Aatrix Partners With Over 60 Payroll Products

Aatrix is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses in the US and Canada in partnership with these payroll developers via desktop and online integrations. This partnership virtually eliminates recurring development costs associated with delivering this powerful feature and provides a robust revenue stream from existing customers. The Simple and Affordable year-end filing is incredibly popular with end-users and supports W2s, 1099s, and ACA (1095s). Aatrix is responsible for an estimated 30 million W2s annually, as well as millions of 1095 and 1095s. Year-end filings provide millions of dollars of revenue for our partners and according to our March 2020 survey, 97% of Aatrix customers recommend the service to others. 

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