Do I have to outsource my payroll? You have a choice!

Employer Payroll Tax Frustrations

Businesses that face the challenges of payroll and payroll reporting every pay period are faced with more challenges today than they once did. 

The increasing complexities of payroll and payroll reporting and the ever-changing compliance requirements of tax filing methods, and inefficient state and federal websites force businesses to consider outsourcing payroll and or their payroll reporting. 

The vast majority of businesses prefer to keep control of their payroll in house. 

The painful truth is they spend twice as much time filing reports and making payments than they do preparing and administering payroll.

This frustration with payroll reporting can be vastly eliminated with the right payroll reporting systems and solutions. 

You have a choice! 

Companies that want to keep payroll in house have the option of using a payroll solution that offers a DIY (Do It Yourself) payroll tax reporting and payment feature that eliminates virtually all of the frustration and risk of completing these time consuming payroll reporting tasks manually.

Yes… You read that correctly. 

Your Payroll Reporting Can Be MUCH Easier!

These solutions are fully integrated into the host payroll software and fills in required reports automatically directly from the payroll check information. Many include direct eFiling capacity, scheduling tools, error checking, single point management of all filings and payments, and guaranteed compliance with agency requirements.

How do I find a DIY reporting solution 

Do your homework and challenge your software provider. There are many solutions that have integrated a DIY solution as part of their payroll solution. Check with your solution provider if they have this feature available. It is often an added feature that you can add or subscribe to. Although there may be a small fee attached to this feature it is typically far less costly than outsourcing and allows the business to maintain complete control of their payroll.


Aatrix has partnered with over 60 of the most popular payroll solutions and provides a comprehensive, easy to use, and affordable reporting and payment solution to their customers.

Ask your provider if Aatrix solutions are integrated in your platform. 

Payroll Tax Reporting Testimonial 

Our Customers Say It Best!

“Aatrix has been the easiest & most informative software I have ever used in the 29 yrs. I’ve been involved with processing payroll & end of the year!”

Tiger Electric, Inc.

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