Aatrix Software named Most Innovative Accounting Software Company in the US

Located in Grand Forks, ND, Aatrix Software has been developing innovative accounting software solutions since its establishment in 1986 by Steve Lunseth, who remains the firm’s President and CEO. Originally founded to develop Macintosh accounting and payroll applications, Aatrix’s Electronic Forms Division has established itself as a leader in payroll tax forms, providing Electronic Payroll Reports and eFiling (Windows and Macintosh) to accounting software. Aatrix’s finance software has received numerous awards, including Software Digests highest overall rating and Home Office Computing Editors Pick.

In 1998 Aatrix established a Windows® development group given a mission to create a comprehensive state and federal payroll reporting solution module that could be integrated with any accounting software. Today, after millions of dollars invested and armed with a US Patent, The Aatrix Electronic Forms Division is now one of the nation’s premier payroll
reporting specialists. 

The recently released Aatrix State Payroll Reports™ module for Windows provides over 300 certified payroll reporting forms that are completed from host data and can be printed on plain paper and mailed, or electronically filed utilizing Aatrix’s eFile Center.

The revolutionary Single-Point™ eFile Center allows clients to eFile any of the supported state and federal payroll reports to one site for processing. Once they have reviewed the form, clients simply select “eFile” and the information is sent
directly to the Aatrix Payroll eFile Center, from which they will then receive confirmation that the file was received via email. The form is processed and sent to the appropriate agency, making it incredibly quick and simple, as well as
reducing the amount of paper firms waste. 

In addition, Aatrix’s State & Fed Payroll Reports allows Payroll customers to automatically complete over 330 state & federal unemployment, withholding, and new hire reports from the payroll
data within their payroll software. Aatrix’s State & Fed Payroll Reports eliminates the need to create these reports manually. Once the reports are automatically completed, reviewed, and edited on screen, they are printed on plain paper, ready to be mailed or eFiled in minutes to the Aatrix eFile Center for processing.

The interface is simple to understand, easy to use, and makes quarterly and annual reporting a snap. Aatrix’s State & Fed Payroll Reports is a comprehensive state reporting tool that gives instant and seamless integration to tax forms and new hire reports for each state, ensuring that clients remain current with all state tax reporting and state law changes.

Alongside this, Aatrix Top Pay for Mac is a powerful payroll software designed by Mac users for Mac users. Top Pay combines an easy-to-use interface with an impressive set of features perfect for small businesses. Choose the features that fits the company best: small companies can keep things simple, while larger companies can take advantage of the more
powerful features. 

Finally, Aatrix Print & Mail Payroll Reports allows the payroll customers to automatically complete over 330 state and federal unemployment, withholding, and new hire reports from the payroll data within Top Pay. Aatrix Print & Mail
Payroll Reports eliminate the need to create these state and federal reports manually. Once the reports are automatically completed, reviewed, and edited on screen, they are printed on plain paper ready to be mailed or eFiled to the Aatrix eFile Center for processing.

The interface is simple and easy to use, making quarterly and annual reporting a snap. Aatrix Print & Mail Payroll Reports is a comprehensive state reporting tool that gives instant and seamless integration with tax forms and new hire reports for each state. Stay current with all state tax reporting and state law changes.

Working collaboratively with a range of industry partners including Open Systems, DealerBuilt and Sage, Aatrix are able to provide clients with comprehensive solutions which are compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

Moving forward, Aatrix will continue to expand its Electronic Forms Division, adding Human Resource, Sales Tax, and other forms needed by the accounting community. Aatrix’s patent pending FormViewer and electronic forms development capacity will allow deployment of many additional electronic reporting forms with eFile ability.