Aatrix Software, Inc. Releases New HR Forms Solution

Aatrix Software announces the release of their Human Resource Forms and Compliance Tool as an enhancement to their Payroll Reporting and eFile solution. The new solution is being released in partnership with three well-known payroll solutions in the United States. The launch of a new production represents just one of several new product initiatives expected to be complete by 2013. 

“We had been looking for a good fit for Aatrix to expand from Federal and State payroll reporting and into some other areas, after doing some research we determined that HR Forms and Compliance was a good fit. We develop our forms in house and a good next set of forms was the Human Resource forms, especially with the increasing demand in the HR industry over the last years,” comments Christy Remmick director of new product development at Aatrix.


The Aatrix HR Forms solution provides over 70 customizable forms. Companies can add logos and custom company headers for all forms.

The forms can be assembled into packets including HR manual, New Hire documents, Probation-end documents, and Termination documents. The ability to group these forms and set automatic alerts for things like benefit eligibility or COBRA compliance deadlines, the Aatrix solution removes a great deal of liability attached to timely compliance for many HR tasks.

Completed forms can be searched for by employee, form type, and date completed. This allows HR managers to maintain a complete employment history for each employee. Disciplinary, attendance, vacation request, drug-test results, etc. are all maintained in history files for each employee. HR duties carry substantial responsibility and the Aatrix Human Resource Forms and Compliance Tool provides an essential tool to mitigate risks associated with compliance.

Growth expected to continue through 2011 and beyond

Aatrix has established itself as an industry leader for automated forms and eFiling. The release of the Aatrix Human Resource Forms and Compliance Tool will be a significant part of the continued growth of their Forms Division. With eFiling becoming more prevalent as State and Federal agencies require more employers to eFile reports and payments, Aatrix is uniquely positioned in the market place to take advantage of this trend. With patented technology and a proven integration method Aatrix anticipates high double-digit gains for the foreseeable future. 

With at least three large accounting solutions currently in the integration process, Aatrix looks to add nearly 15,000 new customers this year.

Aatrix integrates with major accounting software

The Aatrix’s State & Fed Payroll Reports™ software, which includes the ability to eFile over 250 forms, is currently available to over 200,000 businesses and HR Forms solution will be available to all Aatrix partners.

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