Virtually Eliminate Development Costs

Building the nearly 2,000 form pages required to meet this need, provide the highest security (HIPAA and SOC 3), and develop the ability to automatically fill in these pages with native payroll data is a massive development project. To complicate this effort even more, over 20% of the forms change every quarter. The staff required to research the changing requirements, modify the forms, and update the customer's solution is incredibly complicated and costly.

The final difficulty is providing a secure Single-point eFile solution that meets the requirements of the over 200 agencies that is easy to use, reliable, and safe is a technological challenge that takes years to develop. eFiling will soon be the only filing option for businesses as agencies move rapidly towards a 100% electronic communication goal.

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Lower Costs Pillar

Lower Costs

Aatrix eliminates virtually all related development costs associated with creating and maintaining over 2,000 form pages and over 200 format and eFiling certifications.

Automatic Updates

Updates are automatically provided to customers when they open a form, guaranteeing they always have the most up-to-date version.

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