Fully-branded, Seamless Integrated Solution

Aatrix is a comprehensive, branded, and seamlessly integrated solution that integrates into your solution's existing menus. Your customer experience specialist working with your development team decides where your customers will access Aatrix from within your software. No separate icon or download process.

Your development team will create the “Form Selection Screen,” where customers will select a report or payment to file, as well as the reporting period. This access point matches your software and reinforces the branding.

Aatrix hosts a branded single-point account management website for each customer. Customers can set up a calendar, view filing histories, store banking information, receive important alerts, view filing confirmation, track year-end mailings of W2s, 1099s, & 1095s, look up employee online W2/1099/1095 access passwords, and reprint W2s/1099s/1095s.

Aatrix also hosts a branded informational website for your customers with pricing info, how-to videos, W2/1099/ACA filing information, a list of supported forms, and screenshots of how to access Aatrix within your software. Partners control the content and work directly with the Aatrix team to ensure branding guidelines are met.

The Aatrix marketing team provides recommended promo timing, content, and other resources as requested by your marketing team to brand and promote to your customers.

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Our goal is to make Aatrix a seamless, powerful, and deeply branded solution to meet all of your customer's payroll tax report and payment needs.