Complete Integration In Less Than 40 Hours Of Development

In general, the content of the reports/forms is not relevant to the source of the information. By supporting Aatrix’s Universal File format (AUF), any accounting/payroll application can implement Aatrix’s complex payroll reports. By integrating Aatrix’s Form Viewer software, any report/form can be populated with data, viewed on screen, and printed. The customer can also eFile any of the payroll reports or payments through the Aatrix Single-point eFile Center to be processed and electronically filed to over 200 taxing authorities.

In order to include the reports, a file converter will need to be embedded in your software to generate an AUF (Aatrix Universal File) file. A report for selection dialog with date options will also be included in your software. This should take less than a week of programming by one of your seasoned programmers.

Tasks Required

  1. The location of the payroll data needed from your software is identified.
  2. You convert the file to the proper order and add headers so the Form Viewer can read the file.
  3. Your routines take your payroll data and convert it into an AUF file that the Form Viewer can read.
  4. When the user selects a report, the Form Viewer is launched and the form is filled in with your payroll data.

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Once on-screen in the Form Viewer, the customer can add information not available from your application (highlighted in red), or edit information required. The customer can print or eFile the report or payment when finished. Once the file converter is implemented, Aatrix will provide testing tools to verify the AUF generated is 100% accurate. These tools are used any time the AUF is modified.