Processing and Form Introduction

Read about frequently asked questions on processing and forms.

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eFile W-2/1099 Deadlines »

Learn about the eFiling deadlines.

Reporting to Multiple States »

Learn how to eFile to multiple states

Supported Filing Formats through Aatrix »

Read about Aatrix' Compliance to agencies.

Invalid SSN Error in the W-2 Preparer »

Read about what happens if the SSN is invalid.

NJ Wage and Tax Formats »

Learn about New Jersey's specific format.

W-2/W-3 and 1099/1096 »

Learn about eFiling and reconciliation forms.

Processing States and Localities »

Learn more about the Aatrix-supported localities.

Foreign Employees »

Learn how to print W-2's of employees with foreign addresses.

W-2 Error Checking »

Learn more about Aatrix eFile Preparer's error checking.

1099 Error Checking »

Learn more about Aatrix eFile Preparer's error checking.

Preparer Functions »

Learn more about the Preparer's functions.

W-2/1099 Pricing »

Learn more about eFile pricing.

W-2 eFiling Process »

Learn more about W-2 eFile process.

eFile or Print Incomplete »

Learn how to eFile or Print additional forms.

Amount Due on State Reconciliation Returns »

Learn about amounts due during the W-2 and 1099 processes.

1099 eFiling Process »

Learn more about 1099 eFile process.

W-2 Box 9 Verification Code »

Learn about the Box 9 Verification Code on the W-2 and why it is not on the Aatrix W-2.

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