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Processing States and Localities

Learn more about the Aatrix-supported localities.

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At this time, Aatrix only supports certain localities during the W-2 process.

The following states do not require W-2's and will not appear during the W-2 process.

New Hampshire
New York
South Dakota


Note: If your state is not listed above, then W-2's are required by that state and the forms will display during the W-2 process.


Aatrix supports filing the following localities as part of the W-2 process.
For tax year 2019:

Ohio Michigan Missouri Pennsylvania Delaware
Rita, OH Albion, MI Kansas City, MO Philadelphia, PA Wilmington, DE
CCA, OH Battle Creek, MI St. Louis, MO PA ACT 32 Reports  
Anna, OH Benton Harbor, MI      
Ashtabula, OH Big Rapids, MI      
Blendon, OH Detroit, MI      
Blue Ash, OH East Lansing, MI      
Botkins, OH Flint, MI      
Bowling Green, OH Grand Rapids, MI      
Brimfield-Kent, OH Grayling, MI      
Brookville, OH Hamtramck, MI      
Butler Township JEDD, OH Highland, MI      
Butler Township JEDZ, OH Hudson, MI      
Canfield, OH Ionia, MI      
Canton, OH Jackson, MI      
Carey, OH Lapeer, MI      
Cheviot, OH Muskegon Hights, MI      
Cincinnati, OH Muskegon, MI      
Columbus, OH Pontiac, MI      
Covington, OH Port Huron, MI      
Cridersville, OH Portland, MI      
Dayton, OH Saginaw, MI      
Ft. Loramie, OH Springfield, MI      
Fairfield, OH Walker, MI      
Findlay, OH        
Forest Park, OH        
Hicksville, OH        
Hubbard, OH        
Kent-Franklin, OH        
Lakeview, OH        
Lancaster, OH        
Lebanon, OH        
Liberty Township, OH        
Lisbon, OH        
Lorain, OH        
Louisville, OH        
Mansfield, OH        
Massillon, OH        
Middleton, OH        
Minster, OH        
Monroe, OH        
Moraine, OH        
Mount Blanchard, OH        
Mount Cory, OH        
Napoleon, OH        
New Bremen, OH        
New Knoxville, OH        
North Star, OH        
Norwood, OH        
Osgood, OH        
Russia, OH        
Saybrook Township, OH        
Sherwood, OH        
St. Mary's, OH        
Springdale, OH        
Vandalia, OH        
Vanlue, OH        
Warren, OH        
Westerville, OH        
Woodlawn, OH        
Zanesville, OH        


During the W-2 Process, the localities will be entered and linked through the "Company Setup" inside the "State and Local tax items". Once the locality is properly linked, the necessary local forms will populate. 

You will also want to make sure that the state associated with the localities is set up on the "State and Local tax items" as well.

When you continue through the W-2 process, you will receive a prompt to choose your filing options. Once the state is selected, the software will confirm the state(s) indicated by the payroll data. After the state(s) are selected, an option to choose the localities will follow.

Learn more about the Aatrix-supported localities.

Note: If you do not receive this option, return to the grid and update your company setup to include your local tax items

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