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An email confirmation will be sent once Aatrix has received the filing.

An Aatrix Filing Identification number (AFID) will be assigned to each filing once they have been submitted. After you receive this email confirmation, periodically check the status of the filing, especially near the agency's due date.

To check the status of the filing, log onto your account at https://efile.aatrix.com/. Navigate to the Filings tab to see the status of all filing submitted to the eFile Center. It is recommended to save this page as a favorite for easy access in the future.

Filing Status: OPEN - The eFile Center has not received confirmation from the agency stating that they have received and accepted the filing (this does not mean that Aatrix has not submitted the filing to the agency).

Filing Status: CLOSED - The eFile Center has received confirmation from the agency that the filing was received and accepted, or the filing has been closed or deleted by doing so from the Actions button.

To receive more information on a filing, select "Details" next to the desired filing. Each filing may contain one or multiple jobs for our eFile Center to process. The current status of each of these jobs is listed here:

Job Status: Awaiting Batch Processing - We have received the filing but have not started processing it.

Job Status: Awaiting Confirmation from the agency - The filing has been submitted to the agency.

Job Status: Accepted - The filing has been successfully processed with the agency.

Job Status: Rejected - The filing has been rejected and cannot be processed. An email will be sent to the contact on file with more details.

If Aatrix is not capable of submitting the filing to the agency due to invalid information or access restrictions, we send out an email with regards to the issue and steps on how to resolve and/or resubmit.

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