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Replacing / Resubmitting an eFiling

Learn how to replace and resubmit an eFiling.

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Once a form has been filed and it’s discovered to contain incorrect information, there are a couple of things that can be done if the filing has not been processed.

Deleting the filing and resubmit:

    • Select the filing and choose the Actions button in the left corner.
    • Choose to Delete the Filing.
    • Confirm Deletion.

Replacing / Resubmitting an eFiling

Replacing / Resubmitting an eFiling

Note: A confirmation email that the filing was successfully deleted or if the file deletion failed will be sent to the email address on file.

Replace the filing:

    • Generate the same report for the same period.
    • Go through the process as you did before.
    • A prompt in the eFiling process to replace the previous AFID will appear.

Replacing / Resubmitting an eFiling

Note: If the filing is not able to be replaced, you will receive a message that we have already received this filing for this period.

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