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"Year-End Manager" Tab

Learn more about the "Year-End Manager" Tab and its features.

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This tab will only appear on the Aatrix eFile website when a company has filed the Complete Option for W-2s/1099s/ACA.

    • Login. 
    • Navigate to the "Year-End Manager" tab.



    • Select the Form Name.


    • Select the Company/Filing Year.


    • Select an Employee/Recipient and verify their SSN/ITIN to see additional details.


    • Address
      This will show you what was submitted on the employee's W-2/1099/1095.
    • eW-2/e1099/e1095
      This section will let you know whether or not a PDF version of the employee's W-2/1099/1095 is available. If the W-2/1099/1095 is available, there will be an option to view/print the PDF and notice to employee.
    • Account Locked
      If you are seeing this option listed under one of the employees/recipients, it means they have attempted to log in too many times with the incorrect eW-2/e1099/e1095 password.

      Unlock the employee/recipient by selecting the "Unlock the Account" option. Once the status shows the account was successfully unlocked, the employee/recipient may log into the eW-2/e1099/e1095 account.
    • Paperless Participant
      If you are seeing this icon, then the employee has agreed to receive just an electronic version of their W-2/1099/1095.
    • eW-2/e1099/e1095 Password
      There will be an option to see the eW-2/e1099/e1095 password for the employee's account.

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