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Username and Password Recovery

Read on for how to recover your username and/or password.

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Username and Password Recovery

    • Click on "Recover it here." under "Forgot your username/password?".
    • Enter the EIN associated with your account and click the "Send Email" button. 

Username and Password Recovery

    • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file. The email will contain your login information. 

Username and Password Recovery

Note: If you are not receiving emails from Aatrix, a filter may be blocking the email. To ensure that you are able to view emails sent by Aatrix, you should add the following email addresses to your contacts: 

    • helpme@aatrix.com
    • efileadministrator@aatrix.com
    • efile_system@aatrix.com
    • notifications@aatrix.com and;
    • efile@aatrix.com.
    • Or you can add @aatrix.com as a wildcard in your email system.

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