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Indicate the Combining of W-2 and 1095s

Learn about saving money by combining W-2s and 1095s.

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Combining W-2 and 1095

The option to combine the W-2 filing with the ACA filing is only available with the Complete W-2 Service.

    • W-2 Process
      • The option to combine the filings is located in the eFile Session.
        • Once logged into the eFile session, you will see the Affordable Care Act Information screen
        • Here you will choose Yes to combine the W-2 and ACA forms.



When choosing the W-2 submission dates, select a future date allowing enough time to submit the complete ACA filing. The ACA filing must be submitted a minimum of 3 business days prior to the date selected for the employe W2 copies.  

If the W-2 employee copies are processed by the time you submit the ACA filing, you will not qualify for the 50% discount.

Once the Complete W-2 Service is submitted, you can then file the ACA forms using the Complete service. 

    • ACA Process
      • To confirm that you are able to combine the returns, there will be an additional screen during the eFile Session to confirm the combining of the returns.
        • On the Combine ACA with W-2 screen, select Combine ACA with W-2 (50% off) option.


When choosing the ACA submission date for the employees, the date chosen will also update the date of the employee W-2 submission. This date will be the date that the employee W-2s and 1095s are going to be mailed.

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