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When using Aatrix’s eFile Solution for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) process, we perform basic error checking in the Preparer. Aatrix does this to ensure that the filing has the correct reporting information to avoid rejections by the IRS. Below are some examples of the basic error checks that will be performed.

  • Verifying Employer Information

Upon entering the ACA Preparer, the first step for all users is to verify the employer’s information. Pay special attention to employer information listed here to avoid sending employee copies out with incorrect information (i.e. name change) and then being required to send a corrected copy to those employees. 

  • Invalid Social Security Numbers

The SSNs are checked for formatting and if they are valid based on information gathered from the SSA and IRS. If an invalid SSN is detected, the following hover help text will appear: 

"Employee SSN cannot be an ITIN or start with 000, 666, and 900-999.”  

These errors must be corrected or delete the employee(s) from the filing and process them through alternative means; they cannot be processed through the ACA Preparer. All cells with identified errors will be highlighted in red. 


  • The SSNs for the listed covered individuals will also be validated.
  • The IRS will not accept an ACA filing that contains invalid SSNs.
  • Covered individuals may provide a DOB, but an employee must have a valid SSN
  • The IRS will validate all employees and covered individuals for their name and SSN. If the information provided does not match what they have on file, they will reject the individual employee but accept the filing as a whole.

Duplicate Social Security Numbers

Employees with duplicate social security numbers cannot be processed. Any employees that have SSNs that match will have to have their SSN adjusted so that they do not match, or combined into one entry.

Note: This error check will also validate the SSNs for the listed covered individuals.

  • Employee Name and Address Verification

If an error is detected on any of the employee's names or addresses, the fields with issues will be highlighted in red. These must be fixed in order to process the return.

Note: This will also check the address of any foreign employees. Specifically for Canadian employees, the Postal Code format will be checked along with the Province code.

  • Employee Covered Individuals

When the ACA Preparer is verifying Covered Individuals, it is verifying the SSN, Date of Birth, the Covered Individuals name, and Months of Coverage. If an there are any issues, an error message will appear.

  • Employee Electronic Delivery

When the ACA Preparer is verifying electronic only information, it will verify if the email address is in a correct format. The Preparer will not verify if the email address is valid.

  • Employee Coverage Code

When the ACA Preparer is verifying Employee Coverage in the 1094/1095-C Process, it will verify if the Coverage Offer Code is present for all 12 months and that the Employee Share and Safe Harbor Code are acceptable based on the general instructions from the IRS.

  • Policy Origin Code

When the ACA Preparer is verifying Origin of the Health Coverage, or Policy Origin Code, for the 1094/1095-B Process, it will verify that a code A-F is included.


  • Error messages are located in the bottom right corner of the ACA Preparer.
  • Clicking on the error message will bring the ACA Preparer directly to the employee or covered individual that needs adjustment.
  • For additional information on error messages and red highlighted fields, please review our knowledge base article for Help Text

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