Aatrix :: Processing and Form Introduction 

Processing and Form Introduction

General Information about the Aatrix ACA Preparer and the ACA eFiling Process.

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Aatrix Complete ACA eFiling »

Learn more about Aatrix' s Complete eFile Solution.

ACA Preparer Functions »

Learn about the Aatrix ACA Preparer functions. 

Pricing »

Learn about eFile pricing. 

Deadlines »

Learn about eFiling deadlines.

Information to be Reported »

Learn about the information necessary to report to the IRS.

Reporting, ALEs, and DGEs »

Learn about about ACA reporting requirements.

Error Checking »

Learn about Aatrix ACA Perparer's error checking. 

Foreign Employees »

Learn about how foreign employees are supported in the ACA Preparer. 

Supported Filing Formats »

Learn about Aatrix agency compliance. 

Truncation Options and Information »

Learn about truncating SSNs. 

Help Text »

Learn about receiving help in the ACA Preparer.  

Importing a CSV File »

Learn about importing a CSV file into the ACA Preparer. 

Indicate the Combining of W-2 and 1095s »

Learn about saving money by combining W-2s and 1095s.

Covered Individual Information »

Learn about covered individuals.

1095-C eFiling Process »

Learn more about the 1095-C e-Filing Process with the Aatrix ACA Preparer.

1095-B eFiling Process »

Learn more about the 1095-B e-Filing Process with the Aatrix ACA Preparer.

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