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Employee Email Address Information

Learn to set employees email address up for e1095s.

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To indicate you have employees that wish to receive an e1095 only and not receive a paper copy, here are some things to note. 

    • Once you have completed the "Company Setup", you will then enter into the ACA Preparer.
      • Here you will have the capability to enter an email address.  

1095-B Process 

1095-C Process


Note: The email address does not need to be present in the Preparer to process the filing to the eFile Center. There will be a chance to enter in email addresses at a later time.

  • While in the Preparer you must have the "Electronic Only" box checked for each employee that is receiving only an e1095.
    • You may do this either by selecting the boxes in the columns or by selecting this option on the Employee Entry tab.
      • To enter in an email address manually, you simply select the email address box in the appropriate row of the employee and enter it in.
        • You may also enter it on the appropriate field on the Employee Entry tab.
    • The e1095 option is only available when choosing the complete option. The complete option includes the following services:
      • Printing and mailing of employee copies
      • e1095 copies
      • eFiling of Federal copies

If electing to enter in the email addresses at a later time, submit your filing. After you receive an AFID number, the e1095 process will begin. Here you will see the list of all employees, add the email address by double clicking into the Email Address field for that specific employee.


  • If you are not sure if your payroll software allows you to enter in employee email addresses, please contact their support department for more information. 
  • Learn how to Import a CSV File
  • For additional information on Electronic Only Employees


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