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Read about how to troubleshoot errors pertaining to your internet connection and firewalls.

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Aatrix Forms requires an Internet connection for two reasons.

1. Updating of the Forms and Executables.

2. Electronic Filing (eFiling) of the Forms.

Either of these two operations can report an Internet Connection problem.  The vast majority of these issues are a result of problems communicating through an Internet Firewall or an Internet Proxy Server.

Make sure the workstation is connected to the Internet and that the firewall is set to allow access to our sites.


Firewalls often need access allowed through specific ports.  

Sometimes they have a tighter restriction and only allow access on these ports to specific domains.  

    • By allowing access to they will allow both updates and eFiling.  

Occasionally the restrictions are even tighter and only allow access to these ports by specific programs.  Aatrix Forms uses the following programs to access the Internet.

For Updating using HTTP over port 80 to

    • aatrixforms.exe
    • updater.exe
    • updater2.exe

For eFiling using secure HTTPS over port 443 to

    • builder.exe
    • viewer.exe

Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers, on the other hand, require that the application itself to be configured to access the Internet.  During the update process, when an Internet connection problem occurs, a button is available on the error dialog box that allows the user to configure the proxy server settings. 

These settings are saved in the settings.ini file and will be used during subsequent Internet connections.  If the main application also requires configuration for a proxy server, it can pass the settings in the configuration file to Aatrix Forms when invoking it.  These settings will be copied to the settings.ini and will be used for subsequent Internet access.  These settings are saved in the [CONNECTION] section of the INI files.

[CONNECTION]  FirewallHost=  FirewallPort=1234  FirewallUser=dogbert  FirewallPassword=M$?&%$  FirewallType=0  ProxyPort=1234  ProxyServer=  ProxyUser=elbonia  ProxyPassword=dilburrito


Specify the host address for the firewall.
Specify the port for the firewall.
Specify the user for the firewall.
Specify the password for the firewall.
Specify the type of firewall.
  • 0 = no firewall (default)
  • 1 = connect through a tunneling proxy using firewall port 80
  • 2 = connect through a SOCKS4 proxy using firewall port 1080
  • 3 = connect through a SOCKS5 proxy using firewall port 1080
Specify the port for the proxy.
Specify the server address for the proxy.
Specify the user for the proxy.
Specify the password for the proxy.


If you continue to have problems, contact technical support to find out the location of a web or CD install for the program.

Provide the following link to your company's technical support to troubleshoot if there are firewall or permission issues that are preventing Aatrix from working properly:

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