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Internet Connection Error

Read about how to troubleshoot errors pertaining to your internet connection and firewalls.

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Firewall Information

Many programs can be mistakenly identified as an intrusion threat by many firewall and anti-virus programs. If not addressed properly, this may cause installation to fail or the program to not run properly.

Firewalls often need to have access allowed through specific ports. The Updater (Updater.exe) uses standard HTTP port 80 to access the site http://updates.aatrix.comThe Firewall must also allow password protected encrypted zip files.

The eFiling & Web service components use HTTPS on port 443 to access the following sites:


Sometimes firewalls have a tighter restriction and only allow access on these ports to specific domains. By allowing access to aatrix.com you will allow updates, eFiling, and the web service to connect. Occasionally the restrictions are even tighter and only allow access to these ports by specific programs. 

Before Installing your Program

It is critical that you do the following before installing your program:

    1. Turn ON your firewall software.
    2. Turn ON firewall alerts.
    3. If prompted by your firewall, read dialog carefully and “Allow” or “Unblock” safe files.

Some firewalls may prompt you to allow additional files. You must allow these additional files as well.


Already Installed Programs

If you have already installed the particular program and are unable to run it, you need to set your firewall to allow the following files to run using HTTP on port 80 to http://updates.aatrix.com and to allow encrypted zip files.


For eFiling & web service connections, allow the following files to run using HTTPS on port 443 to https://efile.aatrix.com
https://efileserver.aatrix.comhttps://efilereceiver.aatrix.com, and https://w2status.aatrix.com.

TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings of Internet Explorer must be enabled to eFile.

Note: Internet Explorer may need to be updated to enable TLS 1.2.


Proxy Server Information

If you have a proxy server you will be required to configure applications to allow access to the internet. During the update process, when an internet connection problem occurs, a Settings button is available on the error dialog that allows the user to configure the proxy server settings. These settings are saved and will be used during subsequent internet connections.

Note: Your payroll or accounting application may have also required proxy server settings to allow internet connections. If the proxy settings are not passed when starting the Aatrix process you will also need to configure the proxy server settings in Aatrix.

When you click Settings in the Internet Problem dialog you will have an opportunity to enter your proxy server settings.

You can select the checkbox for either proxy server or firewall and then enter all criteria below each check box. Each item is described below. 



Proxy Server

Specify the server address for the proxy

Proxy Port

Specify the port for the proxy

Proxy Username

Specify the username for the proxy

Proxy Password

Specify the password for the proxy

Firewall Host

Specify the host address for the firewall

Firewall Port

Specify the port for the firewall

Firewall Type

Specify the type of firewall
0 = no firewall (default)
1 = connect through a tunneling proxy using firewall port 80
2 = connect through a SOCKS4 proxy using firewall port 1080
3 = connect through a SOCKS5 proxy using firewall port 1080

Firewall Username

Specify the username for the firewall

Firewall Password

Specify the password for the firewall


Permission Information

If you do not have adequate permission to certain file directories you may encounter issues updating and saving files such as drafts, histories, and other important files. Below is a list of directories, for each operating system, that need adequate read/write/modify permissions to properly run Aatrix.  It is recommended that the person using Aatrix be listed as an administrator on the local operating system. All of the following directories must not be set as a hidden.


Company Folder

This location varies depending on the payroll or accounting application and may be unique to the user’s computer or network configuration.



Aatrix Program Files

This location varies depending on the payroll or accounting application and may be unique to the user’s computer or network configuration. 



 Windows 8 / Windows 10

C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Aatrix Software\Aatrix Forms




 Windows 8 / Windows 10

C:\ProgramData\Aatrix Software\Aatrix Forms




 Windows 8 / Windows 10

C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\Aatrix Software\Aatrix Forms




 Windows 8 / Windows 10

C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\Temp\Aatrix Temp\

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