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Learn how to troubleshoot most common errors associated with the Preparer.

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Invalid Registration Code »

Learn what to do when your registration code is invalid.

Internet Connection Error »

Read about how to troubleshoot errors pertaining to your internet connection and firewalls.

Updating without Internet Access »

Read on what to do if you need to update your software without the Internet.

Unable to Load Vendor Library »

Read about what causes this particular error and what to do with it.

Unable to Receive Aatrix Emails »

Read about ways on how to solve this problem.

Error Decrypting CD Archive »

Learn about what you can do to solve this type of error.

Update Issues »

Learn how to troubleshoot update issues.

Cannot Convert Input DB »

Learn to troubleshoot this error message.

Session Creation Error »

Learn more about troubleshooting this error message.

Microsoft Redistributables »

Learn about the Microsoft Redistributable install.

System Error »

Learn about the System Error related to Windows Updates.

Windows XP Not Supported »

Aatrix Minimum Operating System Requirements

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