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Additional Agency Requirements

Learn more about other requirements for eFiling.

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Requirements for eFiling

At the bottom-right of the page, underneath the "Additional Agency Requirements" section, is a list of Logins or Registrations (Regs).  In order to eFile the reports listed, Aatrix requires certain access to be granted. 

    • To enter the information, click on the "Add" link to the right of the requirement.  If an "Access Date" must be entered, enter the date access was granted to Aatrix.  
    • If you need step-by-step instructions on how to grant Aatrix access for the filing, click on the blue "i" with the circle around it just to the left of the requirement. You will also have the option to enter the info during the eFiling process.

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Requirements for T4 and T5018 eFiling

Please enter the appropriate Account Number and Web Access Code from your letter sent by the CRA.

If your letter from the CRA and/or Access Code has been lost, please contact the CRA at (800) 959-5525 for further assistance in obtaining or retrieving this Access Code.


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