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Reprinting W-2's

FAQ: If I print my own and an employee needed a copy of their W-2, can I reprint it?

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Question: If I print my own and an employee needed a copy of their W-2, can I reprint it?

Answer:  If you printed your own W-2's and you need to reprint a W-2 for an employee, you will first need to open the Form Viewer and follow the instructions below:

    • In your payroll program, go to the Reports Plus section and select any report under the "Print & Mail" tab, then click "Preview Report".
    • Once the report displays on the screen, go to the "File" menu and select "Close Window".
    • Go back to the "File" menu and this time, select "Previous Reports".
    • From the list, select the desired W-2 Filing
      • Hint:  They would have been processed in January for the prior year. For example, the 2013 W-2 would have been processed sometime in January 2014. Click Edit.
    • Review all pages of W-2's.
    • Click on the green "Next Step" button on the tool bar and go through the verification. It will be several clicks of the "Next Step" button to complete.
    • Click "Agree" to the "Important Notice" and click the "Next Step" button one more time. Click "Process" then choose "Print Your Own" in the next window and click "Continue".
    • Click "Continue" until you get to the "Print Employee Copy", then click the "Print" button.
    • In the "Print" window, open it in the "Preview" program by clicking on the PDF button and selecting open in "Preview".
    • Locate the W-2 for the employee and you can then print using the setting to print Pages XX to XX.
    • Once you have printed it, click "Cancel" in the window to return to the W-2 screen and then quit out of the Form Viewer.

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