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Basic Steps for Processing and Printing Forms »

Read our step-by-step guide on processing and printing forms by using 941 as an example.

eFiling Federal / State Forms »

Learn more about eFiling Federal or State Forms.

Entering your Print & Mail Reports Registration Code »

Learn where to put your registration code.

Pulling up a Report Preview »

FAQ: When I click on Preview Report it just flashes. How do I pull up the report?

Missing / Blank Print & Mail List »

FAQ: The Print & Mail List is blank. How do I get the forms back?

Correcting "Error: Company Information is Invalid." »

FAQ: How do I correct the error, "Company Information is invalid" when processing Print & Mail reports.?

Showing Federal EIN and State ID's on Print & Mail Reports »

FAQ: How do I get my Federal EIN and State ID's to pull in on Print & Mail Reports?

Printing Filing Copy »

FAQ: I have entered the new Registration Code but my forms are still printing with "Records Copy" across them. How do I print the copy to be filed?

Printed Form Format »

FAQ: Why do my state forms print only the information and not the form?

Accessing Previous Reports »

FAQ: How can I access previous reports I have processed and submitted?

Monthly Schedule Depositor Box on Form 941 »

FAQ: Why can’t I check the Monthly Schedule Depositor box on page 2 line 14 of the 941 Form?

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