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Learn how to set income items, deductions, holidays, unemployment rate, and other payroll items.

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Creating and Assigning Deductions »

Learn how to create and assign deductions.

Personalizing Deductions for Individual Employees »

Learn how to personalize deductions for every employee.

Setting up and Personalizing Pension Deduction »

Learn how to set up and personalize deductions for pensions (ie. 401K or IRA).

Setting up and Personalizing Medical Deductions »

Learn how to set up and personalize medical deductions.

Creating and Assigning Income Items »

Learn how to create and assign other income items.

Setting up Holiday/Sick/Personal Time Income Items »

FAQ: How do I set up Vacation/Sick/Personal/Holiday Pay Income Item?

Setting up Reimbursements »

Learn how to set up reimbursements for employees.

Creating and Personalizing Employer Paid Items »

Learn how to set up Employer Paid Items.

Updating your State Unemployment Rate »

Read on how to update your State Unemployment Rate.

Setting up Additional State Withholding Deductions »

Learn how to set up additional State Withholding deductions.

Updating State Unemployment Wage Limit »

FAQ: I have installed the year end update but my State Unemployment Wage Limit did not update. How do I update it?

Child Support or Garnishment Personalized Deductions »

Learn how to personalize payments and/or court-ordered garnishments for an employee.

Setting up Oregon Statewide Transit Tax (STT) deduction »

Learn how to create the Oregon Statewide Transit Tax (STT) deduction.

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