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Creating an Electronic Signature for 941 Form

Learn how to create an Electronic Signature for the 941 Form as required by the IRS.

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The IRS now requires a digital signature accompany the 941 and various other Federal forms when eFiled.
    • When processing the 941 Form and clicking "eFile", the following window will open.
    • Click the “Click Here to Sign” box.
Form Signing Tool Window


    • The 941 Signature Selection window will now open up. 
      • If you already have created a signature, click the box I want to select an existing signature assigned to a PIN, select the signature from the drop down menu, enter the PIN for the signature and click "OK".
      • If you have not created a signature yet, click the "NEW" button and then click "OK".
 Signature Selection Window
    • Sign your name by holding down your mouse click, to write your signature in the window as best as you can.
      • If you need to start over, you can click the "Clear" button in the lower left corner to start again.
      • When you are satisfied with the signature, click "Accept".
 Signature Creation Window
    • Enter the Name and Title for the signature created.
    • Enter the PIN using four digits and make something that you can easily remember. 
      • If you forget the PIN for the signature, it cannot be recovered and you will need to set up a new signature.
    • Click "OK".
 Signature Info Window
    • The signature will appear in the "Forms Signing Tool" box.
    • Click "OK" to continue on and open the eFile Client to eFile the form.

Digital Signature Window

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