Aatrix :: Locating the ACH File for Direct Deposit to Submit to Bank 

Locating the ACH File for Direct Deposit to Submit to Bank

Read on where you can find the ACH File for direct deposit that is needed for submission to the bank.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have processed payroll and before you send the file to the bank for processing, you must quit the payroll program for the file to be written completely

Sending the file before you quit the payroll program will cause problems when being processed and will require you to resubmit the file.

To locate the file to send to the bank for processing, with the payroll program closed:

    • Open your hard drive and go into your "Documents" folder.
    • Go into the Aatrix Top Pay/Ultimate/Paycheck folder located there.
    • Go into the folder that has your company name on it and into the "Employee Files ƒ" folder.
    • The "ACH Transmittal.txt" file is the one to be sent to the bank for processing.

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