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About Aatrix TimeCard® »

Read more about TimeCard®.

Setting up Aatrix TimeCard® »

Learn how to set up TimeCard®.

Default Supervisor Password »

Read more about the Default Supervisor Password.

Employees Punching In and Out »

Learn how to configure settings for punching "In" and "Out" by Employees.

Add/Delete Employees »

Learn how to add and/or delete employees from TimeCard®.

Editing In/Out Entries »

Learn how to edit In/Out Entries on TimeCard®.

Exporting Hours from TimeCard® »

Learn how to export employee hours from TimeCard®.

Importing TimeCard® Hours into Payroll »

Learn how to import TimeCard® hours into your Aatrix Payroll Series.

Processing Payroll using TimeCard® Hours »

Learn how to process payroll after importing TimeCard® hours.

Employee List »

FAQ: The window with my employees listed is not showing in the TimeCard® program. How do I get the list back?

Changes after Importing into Payroll »

FAQ: How do I make changes to the hours after they have been imported into the payroll program?

Reviewing In/Out Entries »

FAQ: Is there a report that I can process for each employee for them to review their in/out entries?

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