Aatrix :: Software Requirements 
  • If you are able to download all of the files below, please retry the update process.
  • If you are able to download all of the files below, but still cannot successfully update, click on Technical Information for more information regarding update errors.


In order to successfully update your software, there are a few types of files that must be allowed to be downloaded to the machine you are attempting to update. We will provide you with a test for each type of file below. If a file downloads successfully, you will be able to locate it in the default download location.


Try downloading each of the file types below to ensure you can update without errors:

    1. UPDATER.EXE.ZIP – Test downloading the file UPDATER.EXE.ZIP
    2. XML – Test downloading the file Test1.XML
    3. AFM.ZIP – Test downloading the file Test2.AFM.ZIP
    4. EXE.ZIP – Test downloading the file Test3.EXE.ZIP
    5. XML.ZIP – Test downloading the file Test4.XML.ZIP
    6. DLL.ZIP – Test downloading the file Test5.DLL.ZIP
    7. DAT.ZIP – Test downloading the file Test6.DAT.ZIP