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Employee Copy W-2 Printing

Learn how to print Employee Copies of W-2's and/or have them printed and mailed through Aatrix.

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Printing Options

During the eFiling process there are two (2) options for employee copies:

    • It may be elected to have Aatrix print the employee copies and mail them directly to the employee. This is part of the complete option that also includes eW-2s for all employees.
    • Choose Other Options to elect to print the employee copies in house.

      Note: If this option is selected, make sure to print on the correct paper. For W-2 paper, please contact your payroll software. When an employee has more information than allowed on the form, the employee will receive an additional W-2 form with only the additional information listed. For example, the W-2 form only has available space for two states to be listed. If there is an employee with a third state, the second W-2 form will only display the company information, employee information, and the additional state. 


Learn how to print Employee Copies of W-2's and/or have them printed and mailed through Aatrix.


Envelope Information

In order to fit the common W-2 envelope, the address positioning does look different on various copies:

  • The return address is used for the upper left window pane on the window envelope.
  • On the copy in the upper right, the employee address was positioned for the addressee pane in the center of the envelope.
  • The social security numbers were moved away from both addresses to ensure they were not exposed in either window.

    This was designed in accordance with IRS specifications that the social security number not be visible through the window envelope if it shifts during mailing.

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