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If you process corrections after a filing has been sent to the agency, the software will produce W-2Cs. The employee will receive a W-2C when the SSA portion of the original filing has been sent to the agency.

If the original filing has not been sent to the agency at the time of the corrections, the employee copies will show ***Corrected*** on the form.

Read more on W-2C and corrections.


The W-2C will display the information that was changed.

    • If you are correcting an amount, the form will display the previous information from the original filing and then it will display the corrected amount.
    • Amounts NOT being corrected will NOT be displayed.
    • Name and SSN changes will be marked in the top right of the form.
    • The original information will display even if it is not corrected.

Read more on W-2C and corrections.


For tax year 2015 and prior year, Aatrix did not support State Corrections. Once a state form has been sent and accepted by the state, Aatrix software produced W-2Cs that you can print. Then you were able to contact the agency to determine how to proceed correcting the information.

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