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Learn how to print W-2's of employees with foreign addresses.

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If you have employees with foreign addresses, you can print or eFile their W-2s using the W-2 Preparer.

Follow these steps:

    • Enter the W-2 Preparer from the Forms Selection screen. Select the W-2 form listed and select to process the report.
      Note: Please note the process option may vary depending on your payroll software. 
    • Complete the Company Setup.
    • Continue to the W-2 Preparer.
    • The employee data will then populate into the Preparer for editing and review. 
    • Start by clicking on the Country Code to adjust to any foreign country.

Country Code.png 

    • Next, click on State/Providence to select the required location.
      Note:  Only CA and US come with a prepopulated Providence selection window. All other countries will be required to type out the State/Providence.


    • The following rules apply when entering foreign addresses for applicable employees:  
      • Country Code must be selected from the drop-down menu.
      • State/Province cannot be blank.
      • Zip/Postal Code can not be blank and must use the correct format.
      • Address Line 1 can not be blank.
      • City can not be blank.

Once the information has been verified, continue through the W-2 Preparer. The W-2 forms will then be displayed for final review utilizing the data provided.

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