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Employee/Recipient Email Address Information

Learn how to set employees and/or recipients to just receive online copies.

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To indicate you have employees or recipients that wish to receive an eW-2/e1099 only and not receive a paper copy, here are some things to note.

    • To indicate that you do have employees/recipients that are going to receive an electronic W-2/1099 only, you must select this option in the "Company Setup", here is a screen shot of the W-2 and 1099 options.

      Note: This option automatically defaults to “No”, it must be manually changed if “Yes”.




      • If your payroll software allows you to enter in your employee/recipient email address, when that information gets passed to us, we will automatically check the "Yes" option and grey out the box
Learn how to set employees and/or recipients to just receive online copies.


    • Once you have completed the "Company Setup", you will then enter into the Preparer.
      • Here you will have to make sure an email address is entered and the "Electronic Only" column has the appropriate check boxes checked.
      • To enter in an email address manually, you simply select the email address box in the appropriate row of the employee/recipient and enter it in.



    • The eW-2/e1099 option is only available when choosing the complete option. The complete option includes the following services:
      • Printing and mailing of employee/recipient copies
      • eW-2/e1099 copies
      • eFiling of state copies
      • eFiling of federal copies
      • eFiling of supported localities

Note: If you are not sure if your payroll software allows you to enter in employee/recipient email addresses, please contact their support department for more information. 


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