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Massachusetts DUA Form

Read about Massachusetts' regulation by the Division of Unemployment Assistance.

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MA DUA-1/WR-1/WR-2 (also known as Massachusetts Form 1, Quarterly Contribution Report) should now be submitted electronically. Please see the following documentation.

Regulation 430 CMR 5.03 was issued on February 9, 2007, by the Division of Unemployment Assistance (an agency under the Department of Workforce Development). This regulation extends the requirement to file quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Unemployment Health Insurance (UHI) reports in electronic format to individual employers and all third-party payers. 

The extension for this regulation will be implemented in two phases.

Phase I

Beginning in January 2008, for reports due for the quarter ending 12/31/07:

Individual employers, whose total quarterly payroll is $50,000 or more, must file UI and UHI reports electronically. Once an employer reaches the $50,000 payroll level in a quarter, they must continue to file electronically for all subsequent quarters.


Phase II

Beginning in January 2009, for reports due for the quarter ending 12/31/08:

All employers, regardless of payroll size, must also comply with the regulation and file electronically.

Note: If you would like to request an electronic filing waiver for one quarter, write a letter to the address below.


Division of Unemployment Assistance
Revenue Services Department
Employer Reports Unit
19 Stanford Street
Boston, MA 02114

Fax # 617-523-4882

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