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Taxable Unemployment Wages

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State Unemployment Reports contain two types of wages, Taxable Wages and Excess Wages, which are not taxable due to the Wage Base. When eFiling these reports, the State will track the employee's wages throughout the year to calculate their Taxable Wages. Some States will use out-of-state wages in their calculation. If the State's calculations do not match reported totals, the filing will reject. 

A few causes of rejections are:

    • If an employee's SSN was updated within the payroll software, however, prior reports were not amended. 
    • If the Wage Base is not configured correctly within the payroll software. To assist with verifying this setup, please work with your payroll software provider or support. 
    • If there are out-of-state wages, the state may or may not credit these wages earned and taxed toward the Wage Base. Verify with the State if they take into account out-of-state wages. 

Note:  Aatrix will notify you via the email on file if a State Unemployment Report rejects. If these emails are not received, they can be located on the Inbox Tab on your eFile website at https://efile.aatrix.com.

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