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Difference in Form Revision Dates

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All of the forms generated through Aatrix Software, Inc. are submitted to the individual state agencies for approval prior to the forms' release.

Generally, States request that software developers do not make any changes to the forms they have currently approved unless there are significant changes. The reasoning behind this is the testing process utilized by the state agencies to approve forms can be extensive and costly. For this reason, the revision dates on the forms may not be the same as what is shown on their official copy that is either sent to you via mail, or posted online.

Aatrix complies with the States' requests and will not make any unnecessary revisions to the form which would prompt the need for additional testing.

You may notice additional differences between the form you receive from the state and the Aatrix Software forms. These differences can be attributed to the requirements for electronic filers.  Many states maintain a separate form template for employers who print and mail the report and an additional form that is designated for electronic filers.

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