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Incorrect Information on Forms

Learn what is happening when incorrect information is populating on the form.

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When using Aatrix for State and Federal Tax Filings, the information on the report is being populated using a data file created by the payroll software. If the information is not accurate to what is expected, one can take a few steps to validate this information.

    • Verify the date range the report is run for is accurate and has valid payroll information for that duration.

    •  Verify the employees that are expected to be on the report are set up correctly in the payroll software. In some cases, the issue will be specific to an individual employee, and comparing these employee setups to correct ones will reveal discrepancies that can be resolved.

      Note: At this step of troubleshooting, a 3rd party payroll software support representative may be contacted to verify the setups of the employees.

    • With some payroll software, there is an option to archive the individual company databases yearly. Make sure the active company is for the desired year.

    • If the field in question is a calculation using other fields on the form, contact Aatrix for further troubleshooting.

    • If the above solutions do not resolve the data import issue, the remaining options are available. The first option is to manually adjust the field if it is editable. Once the field is manually adjusted, the new value will be used for submission to the respective tax authority. 
      Note: Manually adjusting the field will not overwrite information within the payroll software. If the root cause of the discrepancy is not resolved within the setup, it could affect future filings. 
      The second, and most preferred option, would be to contact your payroll software support to check the configuration and re-generate the report to have the correct information pass over properly. 

Note: If you are running the W-2s, 1095s, or 1099s and incorrect information populates into your Preparer, please contact your payroll software support

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