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Learn why your reports are printing with "Demo" / "Records Copy" / "Draft" / "Records Only" on them.

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Check with your payroll software provider to be sure the registration code is current.

If you have multiple companies, make sure the registration code purchased is for multiple companies. When a form is up on the screen, go to the "Help" menu and select "Registration Code" to review this information. If this is incorrect, call the sales department of your payroll software to purchase the multi-company code or to request a new code if you have already purchased this option.

If you have multiple states to file for, your vendor might sell registrations for each state, so contact them to purchase the additional state access for eFiling. 

You may also be in a part of the W-2 Preparer program that expects you to print a file copy only rather than an original W-2 document. If you are eFiling W-2/1099s, the prints will all be records copies.

If you are printing the official W-2/1099s and the prints have a "Draft" or "Records Copy" on them, you may be printing your copy and not the official. Make sure to continue to hit "Next Step" until the software asks if you would like to print.

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